North Carolina Diving strives to provide each diver with a safe and fun environment to practice; in which he or she will be encouraged to pursue physical fitness, skill development, improvement and team unity.

North Carolina Diving will be responsible for the following:

1. Providing a safe environment to learn.

2. Coaching team members at workouts and competitions.

3. Teaching the mechanics of diving and the proper progression to new dives.

4. Fallow CDC guidelines and COVID19 protocols to keep our athletes safe while learning.

Parents and Divers will be responsible for the following:

1. Deliver coaching fees to the coach by the 5th of each month.

2. Register your diver with AAU as a Youth Athlete.   

3. Register your diver with a USA Diving Limited Athlete Memebership.

4. Meet entries and entry fees. (sign up on time)

5. Athletic equipment (Sammys, dive suits, warm ups, etc)

6. Filling out and returning ALL medical and informational forms to coaches. 

7. Workouts will begin promptly, arrive on time

8. Divers need to be on deck in their suits, shorts, T-Shirt, and sneakers. 


Enrollment in our program does require some commitment. It is in the best interest of the divers to attend all of the lessons scheduled, as we build skills each time in a progressive manner. Diving is a sport of consistency. It is more fun and SAFE to be progressing with one’s peers and spending adequate time on each skill covered. Therefore, make-ups are granted on a limited basis. No make-ups are offered due to weather cancelations or personal reasons. The only reason we offer make-up classes is when we are not able to host practices due to UNC Men's Basketball Games or other events that prevent us from using the facility.

Make-ups must be coordinated in advance and may occur within the current or subsequent session only.