North Carolina Diving

North Carolina Diving

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To create a fun, safe, and welcoming atmosphere which fosters world-class diving; and a comfortable, warm environment to learn new dives. We believe in developing the whole athlete: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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We offer a full range of diving lessons for a variety of ages and diving levels. We focus on teaching diving safety, proper technique, fitness, flexibility drills, fundamental diving skills, advanced diving skills, and having fun. We think this is an amazing sport which develops discipline, strength, stability, perseverance and dedication.


The Team

North Carolina Diving strives to implant in its athletes an understanding and appreciation of such concepts as high self esteem, personal accountability, self motivation, mental toughness, physical fitness, goal setting, respect for others, team spirit, and loyalty. We believe that recognition of these concepts is as significant as the athletic achievement itself. Our divers range from Future Champions (beginning divers) to Elite National Divers.




Jim Wynne


Jim Wynne, is a former National Team Coach for Mexico and has produced several a Junior World Champion, Junior International Elite divers and National Elite divers.